What Stress Can Do To Us

What does stress do to us? 


Stress has been labeled as a bad thing in our society, but stress is necessary to live. Stress can do great things like, get you ready for a workout, keep you moving, and can even boost brain function. Where we get in trouble is when we never stop the stress. This is when you see a decline in health, lower immune system, bad sleep, weight gain, and daily fatigue. Stress needs to be managed in order you you to optimize your health. 


You live your life through your nervous system! 

Your nervous system controls and coordinates every function of the body nervous system will respond to all forms of stress the same way. To get health in check you have to check the nervous system 


All stress is categorized in 3 ways, Physical, chemical, emotional stress. The body will react the same way to all of them. Your body goes into the sympathetic nervous system and releases your “flight or fight” hormones. Most common one being cortisol. This takes blood away from the gut and puts it into your limbs, cortisol is beneficial for short periods of time. When it becomes chronic is when problems happen. Managing stress and learning how to handle it is the first step in optimizing your health. 


Here are some common stresses in each category and how you can work to destress them: 


Physical stress: 

- excessive exercise 

- Injury 

- Headache 

- Sickness 

- Sleep problems 

- Infections 

Ways to mange physical stress

- eat an adequate amount of food for your activity level 

- Eat nutrient dense foods 

- Sleep 7+ hours a night 

- Drink half your body weight of water in ounces (and more for exercise) 

- Recovery after workouts with carbs 

- Mange your gut health with probiotics 


Emotional stress 

- anxiety 

- Depression 

- Indecisions 

- Loss of appetite

- Irritability

Ways to mange emotional stress 

- mindfulness of the problem

- Rest 

- Prayer/meditation 

- Taking some time to reflect on the problem 

- Doing an activity of enjoyment 


Chemical stress

- Household cleaning supplies 

- Plastics 

- Smoking 

- Processed foods

- Medications 

Ways to mange chemical stress 

- limit plastic when you can 

- Eat nutrient dense food 

- Use products that are BPA free 

- Use products that have no fluoride

- Use products that have no aluminum 


Managing stress starts with identifying the problem. Small changes in your lifestyle will lead to destress in your life. Try to be more mindful of the products you use, your thoughts, and how you treat your body. This will lead to a less stressful life. If you have more questions on how to mange stress please reach out to me.

Andrew Coleman