What Might be holding you back from weight loss

What might be holding you back from weight loss? 

What we know about weight loss is that if we stay under our calorie intake that our body needs for energy over a period of time we WILL lose weight! This is NOT a theory but a scientific FACT. 

This can seem so simple right? Just eat less! But if it were that easy obesity and metabolic conditions would be a lot less than they are now. 

So what is holding us back form weight loss? 

This might sound funny but it could be the weekend. The weekend is a magical place for most people where you eat freely, relax and hopefully do some fun things. This means; different schedules, and different foods. 

If you are someone who needs to eat 2000 calories a day to be in a deficit lets just say from your BMR of 2500 calories (BMR is how many calories you need to function). For a whole week if you ate 2000 calories that would = 14,000 calories. Your BMR for the whole week would be 17,500. If we took the difference that would be 3500 calories. Which is around 1 pound of weight. This is a perfect scenario of course and at that rate you would lose 1 pound a week. That is very manageable! 

Here is the problem! The WEEKEND! Let's say you eat 2000 calories a day for 5 days, that would = 10,000 calories. BUT on Saturday and Sunday you went up to 3500 calories a day. That is 7000 calories! Remember to be in a deficit we need to be under 17,000 calories a week. 

So what happened?! Because of the weekend we just went up an extra 3000 calories from our total we need of 14,000 a week. That would put us right back at 17,000 for the week and we just lost ZERO pounds. 

This is a perfect scenario where you killed the weekdays but forgot the weekend! What is even more frustrating is when Friday turns into 3500 calories, and maybe something came up and Thursday turned into 3500 calories. Or you had a meeting Monday and went out to eat and it turned into 3500 calories. It is very EASY to let this happen! That is where we find the roller coaster of intake, high calories on the weekends, low on the weekdays. This is NOT good for overall health or weight loss. 


-Have awareness for what you are eating on the weekends! 

-Get a large amount of protein early in the day! 

-Be picky about your treats! Make them worth it! 

This is NOT supposed to be a restrictive process! AT ALL! Eat the foods you love! Just be mindful of how much you are eating! If you go out for a special occasion, a night of indulging will not be the sole reason for weight gain! It is okay! I promise! 

Know that this is a process and it will take time! And that is the beauty of it! It takes time to do things right!

Andrew Coleman