What is "Good" Nutrition?

What is “good nutrition? 

As we start this 8 week program, I want to help everyone understand more about what good nutrition is and what are are trying to achieve on this program. The best way for us to start to understand what “good” nutrition is, would be to talk about that good nutrition is not. 

When you ask someone “what is good nutrition?” They might give you back an answer like, “Lots of vegetables and no fast food” or “no sugar”, and the list could go on and on. One things is for sure everyone has an opinion on nutrition. It can be a touchy subject for a lot of people because food is something that we have around all the time. It is not just something that helps us survive (which it does!), food is how we talk with others, there are emotions behind food, and meaning behind why we gather to eat it. Food is a lot more than just fueling your body. So when someone ask you what “good” nutrition is after this program I want everyone to be able to answer it. Good nutrition is not just eating vegetables, and it is not just making sure you don’t eat sugar. This program is not about restricting you from foods you love. There are some foods that have more benefits than others but when kept at the right amounts for you, nothing should be considered “bad”. 

Good nutrition is about finding balance with food in your personal lifestyle that is going to keep you happy, healthy, and active. That is a broad statement but nutrition is not one size fits all. You are a unique person and you are going to have different needs than someone else. When we look at good nutrition it is not about staying away from all the desserts but understanding how much you need to be happy about eating it. Good nutrition has a lot more to do with your mindset than anything to me. That may seem like it is not applicable, but good nutrition starts with your mindset. We always want to live on the side of balance, some people take nutrition and eating as a roller coaster. Some weeks they eat whatever they want with no regard to how it is going to make them feel, and some weeks they could go on an all juice diet because all other food is bad for you. That is not how you want to live your life! This program is all about balance. 

When you begin to be in control of your choices, and have more awareness with food is when good nutrition starts to take place. Eating some ice cream won’t make you fat, and its not going to make you a better person if all you do is eat vegetables. There has to be a balance. We are finding the small changes that we can do to be more aware and doing them each day. That is where you will find good nutrition. 

Whatever foods you take in these next 8 weeks don’t think of them in terms of good or bad. Think of them in terms of how they are going to help you, mentally, or physically. You will start to see a mindset change and that in the end will result in a long lasting change! 

Andrew Coleman