The Order of A Diet

The Order of Priority in A Diet 


When being in a calorie deficit or wanting to lose weight there are certain areas that will take importance over others. All parts are still important to remember but when you break them down of what you really need to be doing it gets easier to focus if you are having an off day or something comes up out of your control. When braking down the priority of each section your will understand what you need to do adyta day to see results. Here is what you need to focus on in order; 


-Be under your daily calories. Be in a calorie deficit 

    This may seem like it is a no brainer when it comes to weight loss, unfortunately it is not. The is the main problem people have when it comes to gaining unwanted body fat. They eat too much. You may think if you have been tracking that there are somedays when you are not even close your your calorie mark but it is a lot easier than you think to be over on your calories. Maybe you had a little bite of food here or there, maybe you forgot to add in the oils you cook with, maybe you under estimated how much you actually ate. It is very hard to be 100% accurate with the foods you eat, but weighing and measuring out your food will go a long way, especially when you are just starting out. Make sure you log EVERYTHING and this problem will be easy to manage. 


-Focus on getting in your protein range

    If there is one food group you want to go for when looking to lose weight it is protein. This is because it helps restore the muscle you are breaking down in a deficit, and it keeps you feeling full. You will have lower hunger levels and it will help you lose fat Not muscle. Protein is important, so make sure you have something ready each day to keep the protein levels high. 


-Keep Carbs and fats in a balance range 

    Carbs and fats for weight loss are not as important as protein but if you are working out and doing Crossfit you will want to add in the carbs over the fat. This is because your body runs off carbs for energy. Carbs get a bad rep because most sugar foods are easy to over eat. As long as you keep your calories under what you need you don’t have to worry. Find a balance of carbs and fat that will fit your lifestyle needs. 


-Sleep 8 hours or more 

    This could be just as important as being under in your calories. If you don’t sleep you will NOT lose weight. That is just the cold hard truth. Your body needs time to rebuild and repair and sleep is the lonely place you are going to get that. If you are getting less than 6 hours a night I highly suggest your work on sleep even over working out to lose weight. 


-Lift weights with the focus on getting stronger 

    Lifting weight has been shown to have more of a positive effect when it comes to weight loss than cardio. Your body burns more calories when trying to build muscle. Also you want to look good, lift some weights. ( Safety over PR’s) 


-Get your NEAT up 

    NEAT stands for non-exercise thermogenic activity. Basically meaning the movements that you do that are NOT your workout routine. This is an important factor when it comes to weight loss. Your body is trying to slow you down when you are in a calorie deficit, so making sure you get 10,000 steps a day will help. NEAT can be more helpful in weight loss than cardio. 


-Cardio is last 

    Maybe you read in a “health” magazine that to get the body you want you have to be doing 12hours of cardio a day. That is just not true at all. In fact you could skip cardio and lose weight. I highly suggest not to because it has many other amazing health benefits. When it comes to fat loss it only makes up for about 5% of the equation. In some cases even too much cardio will cause weight gain (water retention). Mix in a a healthy amount 3 to 5 days a week for about an hour (hey look its Crossfit!). This will give you a good mix of health benefits. 



This should help your understand how to balance things. If you get in a situation where you can’t get protein, you can’t, workout, or your sleep is lacking, the one thing you will always have control of is how much you eat! 

Andrew Coleman