How to Eat on Holidays

This subject is fitting that a holiday is coming up this week, but this information can be used for every holiday or event that you encounter. The holidays usually mean that there will be some kind of get together or special event that is taking place. This comes with, family, food, and less exercise in general. When you are trying to keep your head above water the holidays can be a stressful time, your schedule will be different, the food you eat will be out of your control and you have more temptations around you. 

Social gatherings and holidays are meant to be fun. It is not worth stressing yourself out over for just a day. You CAN recover from a “bad day”, you WILL be fine if you have a slice of cake, and you won’t magically can 10 pounds from having some extra chips. 

What we want to minimize is the “throwing it all out the window” approach. Yes I want you to have a good time and not stress over the food selection, but no its more than likely not a good idea to eat the whole cake and then continue eating the same way for the next 3 days. After all most holidays are just a one day thing. 

What we are always trying to find is the balance in the situation. The balance is where things get good and you can sustain them. It is not sustainable to live on a strict diet that restrict you from all foods, see how many people invite you to parties after that (not many). On the other side of things it’s not sustainable to eat everything you can get your hands on, and never stop to think about what might happen to you. The best place to make yourself comfortable in in the middle. Enjoy a sweet treat, or a beverage, but don’t over do it know when you are full. 

Here are some ways to make the best out of your holiday/party/event: 

  • If it is a party you can bring your own food to do it. 
  • Know when you are full and stay away from mindless eating because it is there
  • Start your day off with a good breakfast with vegetables before the event
  • If tracking is too hard to do at a party, don’t do it, just be mindful of what you are eating
  • It is fine to have a cookie or something sweet, just try having less over more of that stuff
  • If you are drinking alcohol, drink water after each drink you have. (try to stay with 2/3 drinks) 
  • Look for the protein packed options if it is a potluck style event and limit the side options (burgers, hotdogs, steak, chicken, pork) 
  • Enjoy yourself, but don’t give up on yourself and eat everything in site. 

Most importantly the holidays are a time to spend around people you love and want to be around. Relax and enjoy the moments you have with them, that’s what holidays and events are for, not for you to get perfect Marcos. If you need help with anything at all let me know!

Andrew Coleman