Gut Health

Gut Health 


One of the most important aspect to being healthy and feeling better is making sure your gut is preforming optimally. Your GI track contains about 80% of your immune system and is also consider the second brain of your body. Your gut is an important aspect to health and weight loss. You may be taking in all the nutrients you need but if you gut is not where it needs to be you may not be absorbing all the nutrients. 


What are some signs of an unhealthy gut? Here are some systems to consider

  • Bloating

    1. Gas

    2. Upset stomach

    3. Un-regular bowl movements

    4. Food intolerance

    5. Acne and skin issue

    6. Mood swings


What are some things that might cause you to have poor gut health? 

  • Processed foods (Packaged foods with lots of added chemicals)

    1. Low fiber in your diet

    2. Eating foods with gluten

    3. Poor sleep (less than 7hrs)

    4. Little to no exercise or daily movement

    5. Stress


What are some things you can do to fix your gut health? 

  • Take a Probiotic (25-30 million CFU range, with strain diversity)

    1. Eat more Vegetables 20g-30g of fiber daily ( the greener and more colorful the better)

    2. Limit processed foods

    3. Eat more fermented foods (Kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir, pickles)

    4. Get more sleep (even 30min more a night)

    5. Drink filtered water (no fluoride)


Pay attention to your “bathroom visit” during the day and you can learn a lot about how your gut is doing. If you are eating a balanced diet and keeping sugar and processed foods low and still having gut issues it may be time to dive little deeper. 


Fixing your gut is a great way to insure that you are going to be healthy and stay that way. If you have any questions on gut health or what is going on personally with you, reach out and let me know and we can dive in deeper to fix your gut!

Andrew Coleman