6 Tips to Help You Stay on Track Over the Weekend

We are a little under a week into the program and many of you are starting to put it all together and get consistent getting a 5/5 day. That is awesome and what we want to strive to do. You have by now figured out some foods are higher in areas that you did not realize and I hope you all are starting to feel better about this process. We have our first true test coming up and that is the weekend. For most people the weekend is a magical place where schedules are thrown out the window, calories don't matter, anything with sugar looks good, and pizza and tacos are the staple of the two day binge fest. If that is not most peoples weekends it sure looks a lot like mine. Although its enjoyable while going through these 2 days, the repercussion are not worth it and often times take more time to fix than it did to ruin everything. I sure have been there doing well on my “diet” and then the weekend comes and I'm promising myself just a few things here and there and its back on track for Monday. It just doesn't work out like that and we end up in a see-saw battle with trying to eat “healthy” and just giving up all together. The weekends should be relaxing and care free you have worked hard during the week and everyone deserves a break. With that being said staying on track during the weekends goes a long way into reaching your goals. Here are some tips to keep the weekends productive but give you some room to be care free. 

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1. Start with Breakfast

This may seem like a simple tip but for most of us when its the weekend schedules are thrown off and we may sleep in and just skip breakfast and go right into lunch at mi cocina (whoops). So make sure you wake up and start your day with a protein packed breakfast. Make a protein shake with some of your favorite fruits, make some bacon and eggs, just make sure you eat something. This will help you stay full during the day and help you get in the macro we all are lacking in, protein. 

2. Track It Before You Eat It

Put into MyFitnessPal what you know you are going to eat before you actually eat it. This allows you to plan out your day better and see areas where you can take some things out or add some things in if needed. 

3. Track Everything

Even if you think its “bad food” track it. This will only help you in the long run. We are looking for balance not perfection. So those chips you are eating at the table before the real food comes, yes track those. 

4. If You Know You Are Going Out to Eat or to a Party Leave Yourself Some Space. 

I am not saying starve yourself, that is not beneficial and will set you back, but if you are going out with friend or a party give yourself some wiggle room to indulge a little more. Many times thats means just taking out a snack or having a smaller lunch. Most of the time keeping carbs and fats low will help you have s successful night later on. 

5. Use the Restaurant Feature on the App

If you want to go out to eat and you have no idea where to go use the restaurant locater feature on the app. It does not have every restaurant but it has most, and it gives you the menu items which makes it easier for you to track and see what foods you should have there. 

6. Don’t Be to Hard on Yourself, but Be Realistic

Its the weekend guys! You have worked hard all week don't be the crazy person in the group that is measuring your food. (I would be proud of you) You can be care free but just don't over do it. We live in a culture where more is better and that doesn't have to be the case all the time. Know your goals and know why you are doing this. That makes it easier to make the decision on the second piece of cake. 

I will always ask you guys yo track and still post on the weekends. It may be harder than the normal week but i promise its worth it. You owe it to yourself, don't fall off after all that hard work. I cant wait to see you all progress. Have a great weekend guys! 

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