Where Can I Get Some Protein?

By now we know there is no magic pill or magic food that we can take that will get us to where we need to go. It takes a consistent honest effort and that comes by making a choice everyday to do that. With that said having knowledge to make this decision can go a long way in the subject of nutrition with so much false information out there. My goal is to provide you with knowledgeable real information that you can use to help you in this process. 

So the main question I have been getting these past couple of weeks is, “where can i get more protein?”. It is very common in a western diet that we lack protein. You may have noticed the first couple of days that your fats and carbs were very high and your protein very low. We have to be intentional about getting protein in our diets. Fats and carbs are easy to come by because most of the time they are “grab and go foods” that are easy to make or get and we don't have to think about preparing the meal. Protein is more expensive and may take time to prepare, but with a fe simple changes to how we prepare our meals for the day or week we can make sure we at getting in the amounts we need to thrive. 

Why Is Protein So Important? 

  • The main reason protein is so important is that it is the building block of muscles, it is what they are made out of. If we are doing any type of training we need protein to maintain and build new muscle.

  • Protein keeps us full. in terms of food that we take in protein is that one macro that will keep us full and help keep us away from some cravings. If you are ever feeling a craving coming on try having some more protein to keep you in check.

  • Protein has the highest thermic effect. meaning that we are burning more calories when we are digesting it than other macros, and this is a good thing.

  • When we are on a calorie count to lose weight, getting the right amount of protein helps us from not losing our lean mass that we have. Which is important when we are looking at body composition goals

  • We need protein for more than just our muscles. It helps regenerate our cells along with many other bio benefits.

In conclusion protein is very important and it is essential for us to get the right amount in. 

What Foods Should I Eat to Get More Protein? 

  • The first food source we want to look for is an animal based source. This means; poultry, beef, seafood, wild game, eggs. Anything that comes from animal should be our first source of protein we go for. My biggest tip for getting a good amount of this protein in is make larger quantities at dinner to have leftovers for your lunch. If you are making ground beef on Monday night and you make a pound of it and you only need 1/3 of a pound for dinner, use the rest for lunch the next day.

  • I know it is hard to get a good amount from the meats and eggs that we eat if we cant change the quantity the next thing we can look for are some protein packed snacks. My favorites are;

    • Greek yogurt,

    • Beef jerky,

    • Cheese sticks,

    • Protein bars.

    • Egg whites, hard boiled eggs.

    • Quinoa (good sub for rice)

    • Mixed nuts (watch the fat)

  • These should all be snacks and would not be a staple of your diet or where you get your main protein from. These all have other macros in them such as carbs and fats, so if you are running high on those try to avoid theses and stick to the meats.

  • One thing that has really helped me get my protein levels up is a good protein shake. Now again this should not be our main source and not something we should always turn to but during a busy day or right after a workout it can work magic for your protein numbers. You want to use a good quality source and make sure its from a brand you trust. MY favorite because of taste and quality is SFH Pure. It is awesome and works! I will post a link to the website or you can get it at the gym at our store.

  • The post workout shake has been the single thing that has help me with my protein intake. That should not take away from getting good quality sources. Always look for the best lean meats at the store this will go a long way in overall health benefits.

As you can see we need protein and it is important. So when you are planning your day or looking for a food to eat look for protein always. This will help us excel and thrive to our goals. If you have any questions on protein sources or protein powders please feel free to ask. 

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